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we plant trees.

TreeCard™ is the free Mastercard that reforests the planet as you spend.
80% of profits invested into reforestation and the environment. No greenwashing.

World's first
wooden Mastercard.

Reduce plastic waste. Each card has a unique grain and is made from sustainably sourced cherry wood.
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We can produce more than 300,000 cards from the wood of a single tree, so we’ll never need to use more than a few trees to produce all our cards. Our card uses a core made from recycled plastic bottles.

Small change. Big change.

By responsibly planting trees where they’re needed most, we can mitigate the impact of climate change and protect endangered species.

TreeCard and Ecosia are on a mission to reforest the planet with our daily actions. We hope you'll join us.
Mission statement
Brazil's Atlantic Forest, 2013 to 2017. Ecosia has planted over 110 million trees around the world.

No fees.
More trees.

TreeCard™ will be 100% free, no hidden fees.

When you pay using TreeCard™ the merchant (i.e. the store) will pay us a small transaction fee which we use to fund reforestation projects.

Monitor your spending.
Track your impact.

Fast. Secure. Responsible.

TreeCard™ offers a spending card and mobile app with the following features.
Manage your card
Spending notifications
Freeze card anytime
Insurance cover
Any deposits will be covered.
Full banking security
Full data encrypted security
Responsible reforestation
$50 plants a tree
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